A properly trained German Shepherd is a priceless companion. Its best to train a German Shepherd when its a puppy, so it grows up knowing what the rules are and how to behave. German Shepherds are easy to train, and are the 3rd smartest dog breed.

Training your puppy basics

Here are some basics for training you puppy, you want to socialize your puppy so it is exposed to the most experience’s

Housebreaking your puppy

housebreaking your puppyNothing is worse them stepping in your puppy’s mess.





Training your puppy to sit

train your puppy to sitTrain you puppy to sit.





Training your puppy to laydown

train your a dog to lie downTrain you puppy to laydown.





Training your puppy to stay

train your puppy to stayTrain your puppy to stay.




Training your puppy to shake

Train your puppy to shake.


Breaking bad habits

All puppies will get into thing or do things that you don’t want it to. Breaking a puppies bad habits can be on ongoing fight. The more you work with your puppy the faster it will learn what is expected. If you let your puppy get away with it sometimes, the longer it will take to train your puppy. Your puppy will also learn that it doesn’t have to listen to you.